Netflix secret codes for comedy fans

Are you a fan of comedy and fed up with scrolling through Netflix for hours looking for the shows and movies that you really want? Do you like a laugh, but hate spending time deciding if a certain show or movie s going to be to your taste? Well, you’re not alone, because one of the greatest benefits of Netflix (the amount of choice that is available) can sometimes be its greatest weakness (there’s too much choice).

What, therefore, would you say if we told you there was a way of getting past all the searching direct to the types of content you want as a comedy fan, a direct line to the god stuff so to speak?

Have you tried all of our Netflix secret codes?

Well, the good news is that we here at Screen OD can offer you that service free of charge and are able to enhance your comedy-viewing experience with just a few simple numbers and a very cool little Netflix hack.

Let us explain…

How do I find the best comedy shows and movies on Netflix?

Thanks, for asking! Right, the first thing to be aware of here if you’re looking to filter your comedy viewing down to the exact types of content that you love is that this isn’t a hack to get free Netflix or get free content, so you must have an active account on Netflix and be a paying subscriber to make this work. It’s also worth noting that not every code will return extensive results in every country, so it depends on where you are in the world and what’s in the local catlogues whether you’ll see great results.

Once you’re signed up and logged in you need to simply enter the following URL

After that a few numbers will make the magic happen.

In order to filter your Netflix to just comedy, enter the four numbers 6548. So the full URL will be

Great, that’s all the comedy in one place – but that’s still a bit much to take in. We ca do better than that!

So in order to filter your comedy down to more manageable chunkc try adding these secret Netflix codes to the URL instead, or just click on the links below.

Happy viewing!

Netflix comedy secret codes

And that’s it, simple really isn’t it!?

Hopefully with all those secret codes to help you filter the comedy available to you on Netflix, you will be able to find the shows and movies that really make you laugh as quickly as you can – and save your time for watching rather than scrolling.

Have fun!