Netflix secret codes for documentary fans

If you want to watch a great documentary, you can do a lot worse than fire up your computer, phone, tablet or TV and head for Netflix as the streaming service is absolutely crammed full of great documentaries, both originals made by Netflix and series and films bought in.

Indeed, some of the most talked about documentaries of the last few years have been found on Netflix, from Tiger King to Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffery Dahmer Story. But the issue you might have as a fan of documentaries and a viewer who has a real thirst for learning about new things and fascinating stories from the past is that sometimes the amount of content available is overwhelming.

Have you tried all of our Netflix secret codes?

We’ve all been there, scrolling and scrolling and hoping that at some point we’re going to stumble upon our next box set binge, but then realising we’ve spent more time searching than we normally do watching.

Imagine if we told you there was a set of secret codes that could help you get to what you want quicker and allow you to spend more time watching your new favourite show or movie?

Sounds good right? Well, it is – and thanks to Screen OD, as a documentary fan using Netflix life is about to get easier…

How do I find the best documentary shows and movies on Netflix?

OK, well it’s really quite simple if you want to filter down the best documentaries to watch on Netflix.

All you need is a few numbers and a working Netflix account with an active subscription. This isn’t a hack to get free Netflix, so you do need to have the subscription working, but it should help you make even more of your monthly subscription by fast-tracking access to your favourite genres of documentaries.

It’s worth noting that the results will vary by where you are in the world and what is available in the Netflix catalogues by territory, so do try a few if one category seems a little sparsely populated.

So to access this content, all you need to do is type the following in:

After that, in order to access the general documentaries category of Netflix, just add the numbers 6839 making Click on it and you’ll see what you get.

But that’s still a pretty general set of documentaries, so to filter the content into more manageable chunks, you need to use the following codes. You can type them in yourself or just click on the links below… give it a try now…

And that’s it. Simple really! Now you have all the tools you need to ensure your love of documentaries isn’t held back by more scrolling than you need to. You have lots more content you want at your fingertips – and lots of great things to watch.