Netflix secret codes for horror fans

For those who love the horror genre, Netflix is a great place to spend your streaming service budget as it has a massive catalogue of great horrormovies for you to enjoy. With original films as well as a lot of bought-in horror content from across the world, it’s easy to get lost in the infinite scroll of Netflix when you’re looking for your next horror fix on the streamer.

So, what if we were to tell you that there were Netflix secret codes that will help you get to the genres within horror that you really want to see and bypass the content that you have no interest in? Sound good? Well, this is a reality thanks to a very simple hack that will help you unlock the huge amount of great content available on Netflix.

Have you tried all of our Netflix secret codes?

So whether Final Destination or Underworld are your things, or you’re more of a fan of The Babysitter or Halloween these codes will be very helpful indeed. From supernatural horror movies and slasher serial killer flicks to cult horror and creature features, these codes will allow you to get to the good stuff fast and spend more time watching and less time searching and scrolling.

How do I find the best horror shows and movies on Netflix?

In order to fid the best horror content on Netflix and use the secret codes to fast track your entertainment experience, you are going to need a few simple things.

Firstly, you need to have a Netflix account and you need to actually be a paid-up subscriber. This is not a free Netflix hack that will give you content you haven’t paid for, all it does is helps you find what you are looking for in the genres you love more simply.

Taking into account regional differences in the Netflix catalogues, it’s worth noting that wherever you live will affect what you get from each section – so some countries may have bigger collections than others. However, you should find great content in most of the secret code areas.

To get started you need to type the following URL into Netflix:

After that, in order to access the main horror section, simply add the numbers 8711, giving you this link to the horror section:

That’s great, but there’s still a lot to get your head around. So if you want to filter the content further and make the Netflix secret codes work for you, you will need to use the following numbers…

Netflix horror secret codes

And boom! That’s it, you’re done. You’re in a place to enjoy more horror than ever before, and you can quickly shortcut yourself to exactly the types of horror that you love watching.

We really hope that you find these Netflix horror secret codes helpful and that you have a great time watching this great content.

Good luck finding your next favourite horror movies, and happy streaming!