Netflix secret codes for sci-fi fans

There is no doubt that Netflix is a veritable treasure trove of content to stream for fans of every genre of television from drama, the best documentaries, and entertainment. There’s also a very impressive selection of science fiction available on the streaming service from anime and action to cult sci-fi, horror and thrillers from the genre, but with so much choice and only so much real-estate on your phone, tablet or TV for Netflix to showcase it, it’s sometimes hard to find exactly what you like.

Indeed, unless you know the specific title of the content that you’re seeking out, you can sometimes find yourself going back to the same shows, movies and genres time and again because they are the easiest to find.

Have you tried all of our Netflix secret codes?

But what if you are a sci-fi fan and you want to drill down into your favourite genre and find the very best content that you have included in your monthly subscription? Well, never fear, there is a way to do this and it’s easier than you might think.

Here’s our Screen OD guide to finding the best science fiction TV and movies on Netflix…

How do I find the best sci-fi on Netflix?

OK, before we start it’s worth noting that in order to filter the content, you need to be a Netflix subscriber and signed into your account. This isn’t a hack that allows you to access content for free, it’s simply a way of filtering the vast catalogue of content that is included within your existing subscription.

It’s also worth noting that not all the codes work in every territory, and although we have done our best to check that the ones listed below have content in them, as Netflix has a moving feast of titles on the service, we can’t guarantee what (if anything) you will find when using the codes where you live.

Right, so here’s what you need to. You simply visit the URL and then add the code number for the genre you’d like to browse through.

So for example, if you’d like to see the overall Sci-Fi & Fantasy section on Netflix you add the number 1492, making the full URL And as you see when you click through this offers you a filtered selection of content within that genre.

Below we have a series of more specific codes that you can use to filter your Netflix sci-fi experience even further…

So wether you are looking for movies like Looper and Limitless or Birdbox and The Circle, you’re only one click away. And if you want sci-fi Tv series, then you’re in luck – because these codes will have you quickly watching your favourite shows from Star Trek to Lost in Space and beyond…

Netflix sci-fi codes

Anime Sci-Fi – 2729

Action Sci-Fi – 1568

Alien Sci-Fi – 3327

Cult Sci-Fi – 4734

Fantasy Movies – 9744

Sci-Fi Adventure – 6926

Sci-Fi Dramas – 3916

Sci-Fi Horror – 1694

Sci-Fi Thrillers – 11014

And that’s it, it’s super simple, but hopefully that will be a helpful way to find more of the content you are looking for from TV series to movies in the genre that you love.

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