Netflix secret codes for TV and movie fans

Do you spend too much time searching for things to watch on Netflix? Do you sometimes get frustrated that you can’t find movies and TV shows in the genres that you want quickly and efficiently? Do you wish there was a way to unlock the best content on Netflix that you really want to see using some simple Netflix hack and some Netflix secret codes?

Well, believe it or not, this is all possible and very soon you’ll be watching exactly the content you want with just the tap of your screen or the touch of a button. Whether you’re a lover of sports movies or horror, sci-fi TV and movies on Netflix or anime, you’ll soon be filtering your Netflix pages down to exactly the types of things you want to see when you follow our secret code method

Have you tried all of our Netflix secret codes?

And it doesn’t just stop with the basic genres that you might have stumbled upon before while browsing Netflix, this is a list of much more granular filters to your content that will let horror fans discover all the b-movies and sports fans find the boxing movies without having to spend hours searching through everything else.

So, if you are ready to make your Netflix streaming experience even better, let’s try out the Netflix secret codes that are going to unlock a whole new world of wonderful for fans of genre content on the streaming service…

How do I use Netflix secret codes to unlock new content?

Good question, and thanks for asking it! Luckily you are in exactly the right place to find out more as we here at Screen OD can guide you through this simple process to ensuring you get to the good stuff fast.

First up it’s worth noting a few things before you get started… you need to have an active Netflix subscription in order to use the Netflix secret codes. This is not a way of getting free Netflix or of hacking free content, it’s simply a way of searching and filtering the content that is already on the streaming service in order to get you to what you want faster.

Secondly, depending on what country you live in you will get different selections of content on the Netflix secret codes. This is because Netflix has different catalogues in each territory and although much of the content may be Netflix originals, when there is licensed and bought-in content, this tends to vary a lot more from region to region. Therefore if you find there’s not much content in a certain section where you live, don’t despair, try another Netflix secret code and see what comes up – hopefully, there’ll be plenty to keep you going.

Adding a Netflix secret code

In order to add a Netflix secret code, you need to start with a base URL in Netflix.

Type the following:

After this, you can add any of the secret codes from the list below in order to create a filtered page only containing the types of TV shows and movies that are in that category. For example, if you want action thrillers you would add the code 43048 making If you type this into your browser (or for a shortcut just click on the links we’ve provided) you’ll see that you are instantly transported to a page that gives you only action thrillers like Crank, Under Siege and The Hunt For Red October.

Try a different code like 11714 and you are on a page that is entirely comprised of TV dramas like The Fall, The Stranger and Baptiste.

Clever right?

So now you have the formula to create your own Netflix secret codes, here are the numbers to use should you wish to filter your favourite content.

We’ve made the links clickable from this article to save you time, but you can also type them in on the device you use for watching Netflix.

Happy streaming…

List of Netflix secret codes for TV and movies

Action and Adventure – 1365

Anime – 7424

Everything you need to know about Netflix anime secret codes.

Children’s and family – 783

Everything you need to know about Netflix children’s and family secret codes.

Classic films – 31574

Comedy – 6548

Everything you need to know about Netflix comedy secret codes.

Documentaries – 6839

Everything you need to know about Netflix documentary secret codes.

Drama – 5763

Horror movies – 8711

Everything you need to know about Netflix horror secret codes.

International movies – 78367

Independent movies – 7077

LGBTQ+ movies and TV shows – 5977

Music TV shows and movies – 1701

Sci-fi and fantasy – 1492

Everything you need to know about Netflix sci-fi secret codes.

Sports movies – 4370

TV shows – 83