Is Peter Capaldi in the TV show or movie? Quiz

Allow us to usher you into the most excellent world of the acclaimed Scottish actor Peter Capaldi. A veritable titan of the industry, Capaldi’s career spans over four decades, delighting audiences with his myriad of memorable roles from drama and sci-fi to some of the most celebrated indie films.

Capaldi first gained recognition on TV for his portrayal of Malcolm Tucker in the British television series “The Thick of It”, a role that won him several awards. However, he is perhaps most famously known for his spellbinding performance as the twelfth Doctor in the beloved sci-fi series “Doctor Who”. Now we could spend the next few paragraphs listing other films and TV shows he’s appeared in, but the problem with that would be that the quiz you’re about to play would be spoiled.

Listen, we’ve given you a couple of points already, but the question remains… can you spot which of these productions Peter Capaldi appeared in… and which ones he didn’t? There are no prizes apart from pride, but that’s worth having as we all know.

Your mission is to determine whether Peter Capaldi features in each one.

Prepare yourself for a thrilling expedition through the extraordinary career of Peter Capaldi. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Is Peter Capaldi in the TV show or movie?


Is Peter Capaldi in the following films and TV shows? Bonus points for the character he played…

  1. “Doctor Who”
  2. “The Thick of It”
  3. “The Musketeers”
  4. “Paddington”
  5. “In the Loop”
  6. “Torchwood”
  7. “World War Z”
  8. “The Personal History of David Copperfield”
  9. “Game of Thrones”
  10. Peaky Blinders
  11. The Crown
  12. “Sherlock”
  13. “James Bond: No Time to Die”
  14. “Fires”
  15. “Inside No. 9”
  16. “The Devil’s Whore”
  17. “Fortitude”
  18. “Suicide Squad”
  19. “Local Hero”


  1. “Doctor Who” – Yes (2013-2017, as The Doctor)
  2. “The Thick of It” – Yes (2005-2012, as Malcolm Tucker)
  3. “The Musketeers” – Yes (2014, as Cardinal Richelieu)
  4. “Paddington” – Yes (2014, as Mr. Curry)
  5. “In the Loop” – Yes (2009, as Malcolm Tucker)
  6. “Torchwood” – No
  7. “World War Z” – Yes (2013, as W.H.O. Doctor)
  8. “The Personal History of David Copperfield” – Yes (2019, as Mr. Micawber)
  9. “Game of Thrones” – No
  10. “Peaky Blinders” – No
  11. “The Crown” – No
  12. “Sherlock” – No
  13. “James Bond: No Time to Die” – No
  14. “Fires” – No
  15. “Inside No. 9” – No
  16. “The Devil’s Whore” – Yes (2008, as King Charles I)
  17. “Fortitude” – No
  18. “Suicide Squad” – Yes (2021, as The Thinker)
  19. “Local Hero” – Yes (1983, as Danny Oldsen)

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