Joanna Page on a Gavin & Stacey reunion: “I’d love to do another one” 

Joanna Page, one of the central stars of the beloved BBC comedy Gavin & Stacey has given hope to fans of the show that there could one day be a return of the comedy.

Page, who plays Stacey on the comedy created by James Corden and Ruth Jones, said “I’d love to do another one” when asked about the possibility of a return to the show on ITV’s Loose Women show.

Speaking to the panel on the magazine show, Page, who also starred in the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who as Elizabeth I, admitted; “I’ve honestly no idea. I’m just the same as everybody else because they don’t tell us! 

“They’ve never told us any more that they’re doing anything, so it’s only when you get a phone call and they say ‘there’s a special, do you want to do it?’.” 

She added: “They don’t tell us anything and I’ve never ever asked. I’ve never said ‘oh Ruth [Jones], do you think you’ll do another one or is there going to be more? I’m just not that sort of person. I’ve always just thought, we’ll wait and see and if there is, there is and if there isn’t, there isn’t.” 

Speaking about the last episode that was made of the show, a Christmas special in 2019, Page said: : “After filming I did think, there is another one, there’s got to be another one. We’ve got to find out what Smithy says!

“But as time’s going by, I’ve started to think, well maybe it’s been too long? Maybe there isn’t going to be another one, which makes me sad because I’d love to do another one.” 

Adding: “If they do, I hope they hurry up because we’re all getting old!” 

Gavin & Stacey tells the story of a couple, one from Essex and the other from South Wales whose families are brought together through their relationship. Starring Page opposite Matthew Horne, James Corden, Ruth Jones, Alison Steadman, Larry lamb, Melanie Walters and Rob Brydon the series became a huge hit for the BBC after it first began broadcasting in 2007 on BBC Three.

Such was the success of the show that it moved onto BBC One and in total has had three seasons and two seasonal specials.

The 2019 return of the show was one of the highlights of the Christmas broadcasting calendar that festive season and ended on a cliffhanger with Nessa confessing to Smithy that she loved him. But we don’t now what happens next.

With James Corden returning from the US after ending his stint on the Late Late Show, perhaps the writers and cast will find time for one last hoorah next Christmas?

Loose Women airs weekdays from 12.30pm on ITV1 and ITVX