Sacha Dhawan on his Doctor Who keepsakes

It wasn’t long ago that we learned what Matt Smith took home when he finished his time as pilot of the TARDIS, and now we’ve learned what the Master himself, Sacha Dhawan, was given to keep after filming finished on Jodie Whittaker’s era in Doctor Who.

Dhawan, who will be appearing in the The Power of the Doctor opposite Whittaker as well as a host of returning companions plus the Daleks and the Cybermen told SFX Magazine that he didn’t leave the set empty handed!

“When I finished filming, as a parting gift they gave me all my costume, with a lovely pocket watch attached to it as well.

“They also gave me the tissue compression eliminator – all the stuff that I was going to steal!”

Added Dhawan: “So that’s one bit of history that I’ve got to myself, that’s locked away in a cupboard somewhere. I do wear it secretly at weekends!”

Dhawan has played the Doctor’s foe The Master in four episodes of the BBC’s science fiction series since first appearing in the show in series twelve.

Doctor Who – The Power of the Doctor – BBC STUDIOS 2022, James Pardon

He is one of many exciting characters that fans will be looking forward to reprising their roles in The Power of the Doctor, a show that Jodie Whittaker has described as “one for the Whovians.”

The feature-length episode, which is broadcast to coincide with the 100th birthday celebrations of the BBC, the broadcaster where Doctor Who was created and has always had a home, will feature the return of Sophie Aldred as companion Ace and Janet Fielding as Tegan.

Pictures released by the BBC also show the Daleks returning to cause trouble for the Doctor and her companions as well as a new-look for the Cybermen, who never seem to be in town to just say hello.

The Power of the Doctor will be followed by 60th anniversary specials for Doctor Who in 2023 which are the first shows to be overseen by incoming showrunner Russell T Davies – and are largely expected to be the first time we see the new Doctor Ncuti Gatwa with significant screen time.