Can you match the sci-fi TV show to the decade it was first broadcast? Quiz

In the vast landscape of television genres, science fiction holds a unique position as one of the most influential and important.

It is a genre that invites us to imagine the unimaginable, explore the farthest corners of the universe, understand the deepest mysteries of time, and confront our darkest fears about technology, the future, and ourselves, humankind. From adventures aboard starships in galaxies far, far away, to chilling glimpses into dystopian near-futures, to paranormal phenomena in our own backyard, science fiction television has offered viewers an opportunity to transcend the limitations of reality and delve into a world of endless possibilities. And that’s why we’ve made another quiz about it!

The genre’s presence on the small screen traces back to the golden age of television, the 1950s, when shows like “The Twilight Zone” challenged viewers with thought-provoking narratives and eerie, unforgettable visuals. Science fiction television has since evolved through the decades, reflecting changing societal concerns, technological advancements, and storytelling styles. The 1960s brought us iconic shows like “Doctor Who” and “Star Trek,” which expanded our understanding of space and time. The 90s saw a revival of fantastical narratives with shows like “The X-Files” and “Babylon 5” combining government conspiracies and alien encounters.

The dawn of the new millennium introduced a wave of post-apocalyptic dramas, cyberpunk thrillers, and reimagined classics, from “Battlestar Galactica” to “Black Mirror.” These shows not only provided high-concept entertainment but also offered an insightful commentary on our relationship with technology, the environment, and each other.

Whether you’re a casual viewer or a dedicated fan, the range and depth of science fiction on television offer something for everyone.

But just how well do you know your sci-fi TV history? Are you ready to step into your mental TARDIS and journey through time? Can you match these iconic sci-fi TV shows to the decade they first beamed into our living rooms? It’s time to engage warp drive, secure your flux capacitor, and put your knowledge to the ultimate test.

It’s time to quiz like a Time Lord and win like a droid…

Can you match the sci-fi TV show to the decade it was first broadcast?


  1. “Star Trek: The Original Series”
  2. “The Twilight Zone”
  3. “Doctor Who”
  4. “The X-Files”
  5. “Babylon 5”
  6. “Firefly”
  7. “Battlestar Galactica” (reimagined series)
  8. Stranger Things
  9. “Fringe”
  10. “Black Mirror”
  11. “The Mandalorian”
  12. “The Expanse”
  13. “Westworld” (2016 series)
  14. “Lost”
  15. “Star Trek: The Next Generation”
  16. “Quantum Leap”
  17. “Stargate SG-1”
  18. “Futurama”
  19. “The 100”
  20. “Altered Carbon”


  1. “Star Trek: The Original Series” – 1960s (First broadcast in 1966)
  2. “The Twilight Zone” – 1950s (First broadcast in 1959)
  3. “Doctor Who” – 1960s (First broadcast in 1963)
  4. “The X-Files” – 1990s (First broadcast in 1993)
  5. “Babylon 5” – 1990s (First broadcast in 1994)
  6. “Firefly” – 2000s (First broadcast in 2002)
  7. “Battlestar Galactica” (reimagined series) – 2000s (First broadcast in 2004)
  8. “Stranger Things” – 2010s (First broadcast in 2016)
  9. “Fringe” – 2000s (First broadcast in 2008)
  10. “Black Mirror” – 2010s (First broadcast in 2011)
  11. “The Mandalorian” – 2010s (First broadcast in 2019)
  12. “The Expanse” – 2010s (First broadcast in 2015)
  13. “Westworld” (2016 series) – 2010s (First broadcast in 2016)
  14. “Lost” – 2000s (First broadcast in 2004)
  15. “Star Trek: The Next Generation” – 1980s (First broadcast in 1987)
  16. “Quantum Leap” – 1980s (First broadcast in 1989)
  17. “Stargate SG-1” – 1990s (First broadcast in 1997)
  18. “Futurama” – 1990s (First broadcast in 1999)
  19. “The 100” – 2010s (First broadcast in 2014)
  20. “Altered Carbon” – 2010s (First broadcast in 2018)

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