Russell T Davies reveals two secrets about that Ncuti Gatwa trailer scene

So far, we haven’t seen a massive amount of Ncuti Gatwa in character as the Fifteenth Doctor.

In fact, the only thing we’ve seen of him is the tiny amount of footage of him at the end of the BBC’s Doctor Who 2023 teaser trailer that ran at the end of The Power of the Doctor.

In the brief appearance, we see Ncuti in an open-necked shirt with a tie hanging around his neck against a moody cloud-filled sky.

But it appears there is slightly more to this scene than we may have previously thought, as showrunner Russell T Davies has revealed two previously unknown secrets about it in his Doctor Who Magazine column that will have everything guessing.

Firstly, apparently, there is a word missing in the trailer. The full line is: “Now, someone tell me what the hell is going on here.” However, the word “now” is clipped as “the shot is on the move.”

Secondly, it turns out that the dark and stormy sky behind Ncuti has been added to the scene to cover up what is really going on.

“You’ll never see that again!” says Russell T Davies.

Adding: “Because the actual location would give away too much!”

So what could be lying behind those CGI clouds, why was the camera on the move and how does this tie into the 60th anniversary specials and season 14? Well, perhaps we’ll find out now, but for the time being there’s plenty of time before next November to speculate.

In recent days we’ve learned a bit more about season 14 of the show. We know that filming began on the series in Cardiff on December 5th as the BBC tweeted a behind-the-scenes picture of the TARDIS, and Millie Gibson, who will play Ruby Sunday in the series also tweeted from the Welsh capital.

We also learned that the series will consist of eight episodes and that we’re going to see fewer breaks in the series in the future, with lots of new content “without gaps” being promised.