Is it a character from Game of Thrones or Shakespeare? Quiz

Enter the realms of the great bard and the Seven Kingdoms with our latest in a long line of electrifying quizzes – on this occasion asking: “Is it a character from Shakespeare or Game of Thrones?”

This trivia challenge beckons you into the intricate, character-rich universes of two colossal entities in the world of literature and television – William Shakespeare, the immortal wordsmith of yore, and “Game of Thrones”, the groundbreaking fantasy saga penned by George R.R. Martin and adapted into an Emmy-winning HBO series.

The plays of Shakespeare, brimming with timeless themes, poetic language, and complex characters, have resonated through the ages, influencing countless works of literature and drama. Meanwhile, “Game of Thrones” has enthralled a modern global audience with its intricate plotting, morally grey characters, and a breathtakingly detailed fantasy world of Westeros.

Both Shakespeare’s dramatic works and “Game of Thrones” are renowned for their extensive cast of characters, from tragic heroes and cunning villains to noble ladies and treacherous knights. But can you discern between the two? That’s the challenge this quiz sets out for you.

Whether you’re a seasoned Shakespeare enthusiast, an ardent “Game of Thrones” fan, or a trivia aficionado looking for your next challenge, this quiz promises a thrilling exploration of two profoundly rich and character-filled narratives. So, brace yourself; a quiz is coming (hopefully ahead of winter!)

Let’s play…

Series finale. The fate of the Seven Kingdoms is at stake as the final chapter of Game of Thrones is written.

Is it a character from Game of Thrones or Shakespeare?


  1. Oberon
  2. Cersei
  3. Banquo
  4. Sansa
  5. Tybalt
  6. Tyrion
  7. Othello
  8. Arya
  9. Cordelia
  10. Daenerys
  11. Hamlet
  12. Eddard
  13. Puck
  14. Rhaegar
  15. Titania
  16. Bran
  17. Cressida
  18. Ygritte
  19. Macbeth
  20. Khal Drogo


  1. Shakespeare (“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”)
  2. Game of Thrones
  3. Shakespeare (“Macbeth”)
  4. Game of Thrones
  5. Shakespeare (“Romeo and Juliet”)
  6. Game of Thrones
  7. Shakespeare (“Othello”)
  8. Game of Thrones
  9. Shakespeare (“King Lear”)
  10. Game of Thrones
  11. Shakespeare (“Hamlet”)
  12. Game of Thrones
  13. Shakespeare (“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”)
  14. Game of Thrones
  15. Shakespeare (“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”)
  16. Game of Thrones
  17. Shakespeare (“Troilus and Cressida”)
  18. Game of Thrones
  19. Shakespeare (“Macbeth”)
  20. Game of Thrones

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