The best shows like The Gilded Age

The Gilded Age is made by the creator of Downton Abbey, Julian Fellowes, and shares much in its style and substance with the British period drama hit which took the world by storm in 2010.

Telling the story of the people of affluent high society New York in the 1880s, The Gilded Age is a tale of world’s colliding and a changing of the guard between the ways things were done and the way that they will be done in the future.

The gripping and enjoyable show has been a big hit in the USA, UK and across the world – but while we wait for more episodes of The Gilded Age, we must find something else to do! You may be asking yourself, what should I watch after The Gilded Age?

Luckily we spent the time while you were watching the series combing the internet for other great shows that share similarities with The Gilded Age, and so here we have it – the best shows like The Gilded Age for you to watch and stream right now…

Brideshead Revisited

A 1981 adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s novel, don’t let the age of this show put you off the exceptional storytelling. Starring Jeremy Irons as army captain Charles Ryder, the story follows the fortunes of Ryder between the 1920s and 1940s as he deals with love and life. Just like The Gilded Age this is a sumptuous period piece with a compelling story, strong characters and fabulous performances that will whisk you away to a a time that has long gone.


Starring Jenna Coleman as a young version of one of Britain’s longest running queens, this classy period piece is set a little before the events of The Gilded Age but shares many similar themes of power, politics and people attempting to find their place in a changing world – plus it has really beautiful costumes and scenery that bring alive the history and era.

The Great

Although this is more of a comedy than it is a drama, the Great shares similarities to some of the lighter sides of the Gilded Age. With a fantastic lead performance from Elle Fanning, if you are looking for some laughs, but still very much surrounded by the period look and feel of history, this could be a show worth trying out?


Strong characters with underlying secrets and plot twists, this show may be set significantly earlier than The Gilded Age in the 17th Century court of Louis 14th, but its feel and tone is sure to please period drama fans looking for something to really get their teeth into and binge.

The White Princess

Starring Killing Eve’s Jodie Comer as Elizabeth of York (or lizzie to friends) this beautifully crafted drama adapted from Philippa Gregory’s novel is set at the end of the War of the Roses when Henry VII and Elizabeth of York will marry to begin a Tudor dynasty. A story of power, family and strong personalities, this excellent tale is sure to delight Gilded Age fans.


From the Pen of Julian Fellowes and based on a novel of his by the same name, the creator of The Gilded Age once again brings alive high society in this compelling mini-series, this time based in early 19th Century London, which is where Belgravia is to be found. Gilded age fans will recognise a lot about this show which Philip Glenister, Tamsin Greig and the late great Paul Ritter among a strong cast.

The House of Elliot

A classic British costume drama of the early 1990s, this show is set in 1920s London and tells the story of two sisters who set up a dressmaking business which leads on to them establishing a fashion house, the House of Elliot, see, clever. It is co-created by the same people that made the seminal Upstairs Downstairs and will delight fans of this period of period dramas.


Adapted by Andrew Davies (yes, he responsible for that Pride and Prejudice version with Colin Firth coming out of the lake) and based on Jane Austen’s unfinished novel, this is a story about old and new colliding as plans for a coastal town to grown from a small fishing community to a seaside resort cause great upheaval. With love and loss, and themes of change throughout – this story will resonate with GA viewers.

North and South

Based on Elizabeth Gaskell’s victorian novel, this mini-series is set shortly before the events of the gIlded Age in England and tells the story of Margaret Hale, as she leaves the south of England to move to the north after her father leaves the clergy. With themes of class, new beginnings and power this is a show that will resonate if you have seen The Gilded Age.

The Crown

One of the flagship dramas from Netflix, this sprawling epic of a TV series is based on the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II. A young woman who is catapulted to high office, this is a story of family, love, loss and politics – all shot in beautiful and brilliantly well-observed period finery throughout the 20th Century.

Upstairs Downstairs

Set in a large house in the heart of London in the early 20th Century, this is a show about the aristocracy and those who work for them at a time when a huge amount is changing in the way people live in England. The themes will be familiar, and although this is an old show, it continues to stand the test of time as a fine piece of period drama.