Match the quote quiz – classic TV sitcom edition

Nothing quite binds us together like shared laughter. And when it comes to evoking a chuckle or inducing full-throated laughter, nothing comes close to the joyous world of television sitcoms. From their relatable characters and everyday scenarios peppered with comedic spins, sitcoms have long held a cherished spot in the annals of television history. In this piece, we’re celebrating some of the most iconic phrases and punchlines that have made their mark across the globe, with our ‘Match The Quote – Classic TV Sitcom Edition’ quiz.

Over the decades, British sitcoms and their transatlantic cousins in America have provided a fertile ground for memorable catchphrases and comedic lines. These lines often transcend their shows to become a part of our everyday lexicon. Whether it’s Del Boy’s confident assertion of “This time next year, we’ll be millionaires” from ‘Only Fools and Horses’ or Joey’s flirtatious “How you doin’?” from ‘Friends,’ these quotes have an enduring charm that resonates with audiences even today.

With the power to invoke nostalgia and recall the shared joy of watching these classic sitcoms, these quotes are as much a part of our shared cultural DNA as the sitcoms themselves. The familiar voices of beloved characters uttering these lines transport us back to our living rooms, where we laughed, cried and shared their stories.

If you’ve found yourself saying “I don’t believe it!” in Victor Meldrew’s incredulous tones or channelled your inner Basil Fawlty with an exasperated “I’m doing my best!”, this quiz is for you. It’s a fun, engaging, and ultimately celebratory exploration of the unforgettable phrases that have defined some of the most well-loved sitcoms of all time.

This piece aims to engage not only seasoned sitcom enthusiasts who can quote every line of their favourite show but also the casual viewers who’ve laughed along to the comedic antics of sitcom characters. We’ll journey through British and American sitcom history, celebrating the wit, humour and downright silliness of this beloved TV genre.

So, are you ready to put your sitcom knowledge to the test and match these famous quotes to the sitcoms that made them famous? Will you be shouting “I’m the king of the world” or be left saying “D’oh!”? Let’s find out!

Match the quote quiz – classic TV sitcom edition

  1. “I have a cunning plan…” This phrase is synonymous with a character whose plans were invariably far from cunning. It was usually followed by a ridiculous, overly complicated plot that more often than not ended in disaster. Which classic British sitcom does this quote come from?
  2. “Don’t mention the war!” Uttered by an infamously eccentric character, this line is part of a larger, farcical narrative that ends in an uncomfortable and embarrassing situation. It is from a sitcom that has earned its place as one of Britain’s greatest. Can you name the sitcom?
  3. “No soup for you!” Known as one of the catchphrases from an irritable character, this line has been frequently quoted and referenced in popular culture since its initial airing. It originates from a sitcom that was famously described as “a show about nothing”. Which American sitcom does this quote belong to?
  4. “We were on a break!” Often exclaimed in defence of a controversial romantic decision, this line has been the source of countless debates among fans. It belongs to a character from a phenomenally successful American sitcom. Can you guess the sitcom?
  5. “You stupid boy!” This phrase was frequently used by a pompous character to chastise his junior. Despite the often grave setting of this sitcom, it managed to find the humour amidst the bleakness of war. Can you identify this British sitcom classic?
  6. “I’m listening…” Said with a smirk by a radio psychiatrist to his callers, this line is both a catchphrase and a symbol of the character’s profession. The sitcom it’s from is often noted for its clever, fast-paced dialogue and its blend of farce and sophisticated comedy. Which American sitcom is this?
  7. “Lovely jubbly!” Exclaimed in moments of triumph, this catchphrase belongs to a street-smart character known for his get-rich-quick schemes. It’s from a British sitcom that has been voted Britain’s Best Sitcom. Can you name the sitcom?
  8. “That’s what she said!” Often used as a punchline to innocently phrased statements, this quote belongs to a character from an American sitcom that is known for its documentary-style format and cringe humour. Can you guess the sitcom?
  9. “Bazinga!” Uttered by a socially inept genius, this catchphrase is used to signal that he has played a prank. It’s from an American sitcom that follows a group of geeky friends navigating life, love, and comic books. Can you identify the sitcom?
  10. “Yada, yada, yada” This phrase became a popular way to gloss over details or shorten a story. It comes from an American sitcom known for its observational humour and eccentric characters. Can you name the sitcom?

Here are the answers…

  1. “I have a cunning plan…” This quote is from the British sitcom “Blackadder.” The character Baldrick often says this line.
  2. “Don’t mention the war!” This line is from the British sitcom “Fawlty Towers.” It is spoken by the character Basil Fawlty.
  3. “No soup for you!” This catchphrase is from the American sitcom “Seinfeld.” It was famously said by the Soup Nazi.
  4. “We were on a break!” This is from the American sitcom “Friends.” Ross Geller often uses this line in reference to his relationship with Rachel Green.
  5. “You stupid boy!” This line is from the British sitcom “Dad’s Army.” Captain Mainwaring often uses this line to chastise Private Pike.
  6. “I’m listening…” This quote is from the American sitcom “Frasier.” Dr. Frasier Crane often says this on his radio talk show.
  7. “Lovely jubbly!” This quote is from the British sitcom “Only Fools and Horses.” It is often said by the character Del Boy.
  8. “That’s what she said!” This is from the American sitcom “The Office.” It is frequently used by Michael Scott.
  9. “Bazinga!” This line is from the American sitcom “The Big Bang Theory.” The character Sheldon Cooper uses this phrase after he makes a joke or pulls a prank.
  10. “Yada, yada, yada” This phrase is from the American sitcom “Seinfeld.” It was made popular by the character Elaine Benes.

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