Sport quiz questions and answers

As we all know, quizzing is a great way to spend your time. And if you’re looking to have a quiz, you’ll want lots of different topics to keep your guests and friends, family and colleagues busy.

And even if you’re just quizzing on your own, you’ll want to mix it up from time to time, even if your favourite topics are Tv and movies, there’s no jeopardy unless you try your luck at different subjects during the game.

As it happens, sport is one of the most popular areas for quizzers, because, well – people love sport.

From football and motor racing to cricket, golf and tennis, it’s a great area to get the grey matte going and to ask some taxing questions and get those answers going.

But if you don’t want to research all the questions yourself, we’ve done you a favour and compiled a list of some of the best sport questions that you can add to your quiz – or just try to beat on your own.

So if you are ready, let’s play…

Sport quiz questions and answers

Sport quiz questions

  1. In which year did England win the men’s Football World Cup?
  2. Where is the Masters played each year in golf?
  3. How many points does a Premier League football team get for a win?
  4. What is the nickname of Tottenham Hotspur FC?
  5. Which boxer faced off against the legendary Mohammed Ali in the Rumble in the Jungle?
  6. In which sport would you hear the term chukka?
  7. What is the name of the French city that hosts a famous 24 hour motor race?
  8. Which golfer’s nickname is The Bear?
  9. At which ground do Lancashire County Cricket Club play?
  10. How many players are there in a beach volleyball team?
  11. What does NASCAR mean?
  12. Who scored two penalties against Cameroon for England in the 1990 Football World Cup Finals?
  13. What are the bumps on a golf ball normally called?
  14. Where was the first Modern Summer Olympics held in 1896?
  15. Which football team plays at Craven Cottage?
  16. How long is a marathon?
  17. How many players are there in a baseball team?
  18. Which sport would see players attempt to get a touchdown?
  19. Which team did Michael Jordan play most of his career at?
  20. In Bowling, what is the term for three strikes in a row?

Sport quiz answers

  1. 1966
  2. Augusta
  3. Three
  4. Spurs
  5. George Foreman
  6. Polo
  7. Le Mans
  8. Jack Nicklaus
  9. Old Trafford
  10. Two
  11. National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing
  12. Gary Lineker
  13. Dimples
  14. Athens, Greece
  15. Fulham
  16. 26.2 miles
  17. 9
  18. American Football
  19. Chicago Bulls
  20. A Turkey

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