Stephen Colbert stokes James Corden Doctor Who speculation

Fellow US talk show host Stephen Colbert has stoked fan speculation that James Corden could be headed back to the UK to play the title role in Doctor Who after sending a mischievous tweet.

James Corden announced on Thursday that he would soon be stepping down from his role as host of The Late, Late Show in 2023, leaving many wondering what the Gavin and Stacey creator might get up to next. And with the current role of the Doctor about to be vacated by Jodie Whittaker, some have speculated that perhaps James Corden could be being lined up for the role. A rumour it seems, to which Stephen Colbert, who hosts The Late Show, could not resist adding.

Writing on Twitter, Colbert said: “Congratulations, James, on what will be eight incredible years at CBS. 12:30 won’t be the same without you.

“But looking forward to your exciting adventures as the new Doctor Who!”

Now of course James Corden has history with the show, having played Craig Owens in the 2010 episode The Lodger, where Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor moves in with him. The character returned to the show for the season six finale, Closing Time.

And although it seems like this is just a joke on the part of Colbert, it hasn’t stopped many fans taking to Twitter to debate the subject.

With it seeming unlikely that the announcement of the Doctor will be made in this way, by an American talk show host on Twitter, I think it’s fair to say for now that James Corden probably isn’t the next person to pilot the TARDIS – however, with so many names in the frame for the role, it’s certainly more gossip for the fans at time when speculation is at fever pitch.

David Tennant is still the favourite with many, including the bookmakers, to take the role in a sensational return, but other names that continue to top the speculative lists are Lydia West, Michael Sheen and Olly Alexander.

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