Stranger Things final season looks to have eight episodes

Stranger Things fans are still reeling from the events of season 4 part two of the show where the dam between the Upside Down and Hawkins was finally broken, but attentions have of course turned to the final fifth season of the show.

Although we don’t know exactly when we’re going to see what the fate of the kids (some of whom aren’t really kids anymore!) from the ill-fated town in Indiana will be, and whether Vecna is able to win the day in the hugely popular Netflix science fiction show, the writers of the excellent drama have offered up a little information on the series.

Sharing what they describe in the photograph on Twitter as a “grid stage” of the episodes for the final season of the show the Stranger Things writers appear to have revealed there will be eight episodes in the final run of the programme. This is one fewer than was in season four of Stranger Things which was split across two parts on Netflix and had some mammoth episodes including the finale which was longer than most movies.

Of course, no sooner than the picture was posted, fans began to study it and speculated about what it could mean and whether the apparent double line in the centre of the run had significance.

Tweeter willbyerszone asked: “the double lines here… does this mean anything? is this where the time jump is gonna be??”

However, this theory was rebutted by the writers who replied: “Not a time jump. Does it mean anything? 🤔”

Right, so that’s as clear as mud, then! Well, the good news, for now, is that season 5 of Stranger Things is being made and that it looks like we’re going to get eight glorious episodes that should hopefully wrap up the series to everyone’s conclusion.

As the last season of the show was split into two parts, it seems more likely that the double line rather than a time-hop would represent some sort of mid-season break. Stranger Things is without doubt one of the biggest properties that Netflix has at its disposal to attract eyeballs and subscribers, and in an increasingly crowded and competitive streaming market with the likes of Disney+, Apple TV+ and Prime Video continuing to produce content at an electric rate, it seems likely that they will want to make the most of marketing the last season of the show – so a split in the release could be an option.

At the moment, it’s not known when the final season of Stranger Things will arrive on Netflix, but it seems unlikely fans are going to see the resolution of the ultimate battle in Hawkins before the latter part of 2023, and most likely sometime in 2024.

Until then, there’s plenty to speculate about as we continue to listen to Kate Bush songs and wonder what 80s hits will be revived in season 5.