Stranger Things writers tease season 5

We may have a while to wait until season five of Stranger Things, the fifth and final instalment in the hit science fiction series from Netflix, but that doesn’t mean that fans of the show are any less hungry for information about what might happen.

Enter the Stranger Things writers, who know that there’s an insatiable appetite for updates, have been adding updates to their Twitter feed as they put the pieces together for the final battle for Hawkins.

A while back the writers released a picture of a whiteboard with a grid on it and eight empty episodes, allowing fans to make the assumption that there will be eight shows in the final run of the series. However, excitement has been ramped up to eleven after the writers released a follow-up picture, this time with the eight-episode grid completed.

Now, don’t worry – there are no spoilers here because the whole picture has been blurred so you can’t read the writing, not even if you squint your eyes (we have tried). But knowing the story arc is in place has reignited the speculation about what might happen next in the show – and of course debate about whether or not Eddie is really, really dead – regardless of the fact everyone says he isn’t coming back!

We left Stranger Things season four after two parts and some incredibly long episodes with the dam between Hawkins and Upside Down broken. It’s clear the final battle between good and evil (and the kids and Vecna) is about to take place, but how exactly that will play out remains a closely blurred secret on the grid.

What we do know is that we’re likely going to be in for quite a wait until we find out what happens, perhaps at the very end of next year, or probably more likely in 2024. Stranger Things is one of the biggest properties that Netflix owns and has been an enormous hit for the streaming giant since it launched in 2016, making global superstars of many of its young cast members, most notably Millie Bobby Brown who plays Eleven.

With the Duffer Brothers’ Stranger Things being such a subscription magnet to Netflix, and with competition heating up by the day in the streaming market, it seems likely Netflix will make a very big deal of the final season and not be in a rush to put the series out. Perhaps it could be split into two parts again like season four.

However it is released, fans will continue to speculate across the internet and across the globe about how it might end. So expect rumours to be aplenty in the coming year.