Which Stranger Things star said the quote? Netflix quiz

As the eerie synth notes of the “Stranger Things” theme play, viewers across the world are drawn into the enigmatic town of Hawkins, Indiana – that is if enigmatic means odd and scary. A show that resonates deeply with fans of science fiction and horror, it is a gripping tale of friendships forged amidst otherworldly trials and tribulations. While the Demogorgon and the Upside Down capture our imagination, the characters, with their distinct personalities and memorable lines, captivate our hearts.

One may wonder, amidst the chills and thrills, how well have we retained the iconic dialogues of these characters? Who said which line? That’s a challenge worth taking on for every ardent “Stranger Things” fan. Here, we offer you a chance to test your knowledge with our thoughtfully curated quiz, featuring 20 questions, with the answers provided at the end. Brace yourself as we journey back to the peculiar world of the ’80s in “Which ‘Stranger Things’ character said the line?” Quiz.

And so as we wait for the final season of the great Netflix streaming hit to finally arrive, why don’t we idly amuse ourselves with this quiz that will test the very mettle of all fans. Are you about to breach the dam between Hawkins and the Upside Down with your excellent performance… or will you be banished away from the quiz world forevermore?

Let us quiz… and the very best of luck to you all…

Which Stranger Things star said the quote?


  1. Who declared, “Friends don’t lie”?
  2. “She’s our friend and she’s crazy!” – Which character said this line?
  3. “You can’t spell America without Erica” – Who is known for this statement?
  4. Who warned, “We never would’ve upset you if we knew you had superpowers”?
  5. Who uttered the heart-wrenching line, “I may be a pretty shitty boyfriend, but turns out I’m actually a pretty damn good babysitter”?
  6. “When you’re a kid, you assume your parents are soulmates. My kids are gonna be right about that.” – Who said this?
  7. Which character voiced, “I may be gone, but I’m going to still care about you”?
  8. Who voiced the iconic line, “The world is full of monsters”?
  9. Who defended their odd behaviour by saying, “I may be a freak, but I’m one of a kind”?
  10. “Now, we’re all gonna die and it’s your fault!” – Who accused someone with this line?
  11. Who proclaimed, “I don’t care about Tina or Uncle Jack’s party. Your mom’s not gonna be able to find us if we’re dead in a Russian elevator.”?
  12. “You make me crazy, you really do.” – Who uttered this line?
  13. “It’s not my fault you don’t like girls.” – Who said this?
  14. Who cautioned, “You can’t fight these things with a bat”?
  15. “She’s basically a wizard now.” – Who’s this line about Eleven?
  16. Who reasoned, “The world is full of monsters, but if we stand together, we can beat them”?
  17. Who remarked, “Now we’re all gonna die and it’s your fault!”?
  18. Who exclaimed, “I may be a kid, but I’m not stupid”?
  19. “We never would have upset you if we knew you had superpowers.” – Who admitted this?
  20. Who declared, “I may be a freak, but I’m one of a kind”?


  1. Eleven
  2. Mike
  3. Erica
  4. Mike
  5. Steve
  6. Joyce
  7. Hopper
  8. Hopper
  9. Jonathan
  10. Lucas
  11. Lucas
  12. Billy
  13. Max
  14. Nancy
  15. Mike
  16. Mike
  17. Lucas
  18. Dustin
  19. Mike
  20. Eleven

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