The best TV shows like Lost

It’s fair to say that Lost was one of the biggest television phenomenon of its time. A science fiction mystery that kept everyone across the world guessing and looking for answers until 2010 – but what are the best shows like Lost?

Well, if you’re looking for that answer, you’ll certainly not be disappointed, even if you found the final chapter of Lost didn’t give you every bit of closure you were looking for.

We’ve combed through the internet and found a number of excellent shows that we think will appeal to anyone who liked Lost. They may not all star Jack, Kate and Sawyer, and they’re not all set on a tropical island with polar bears and black smoke – but they do all share a sense of adventure, mystery and excitement with the audience.

So settle back, relax and enjoy our journey into shows that are similar to Lost…

What are the best shows like Lost?


This is one of the more recent additions to the Lost-like shows that is available to watch and stream right now. Starting with a very similar premise of people being stranded after a plane crash, this mysterious adventure soon begins to unwind, and becomes dark and twisty. Featuring an excellent young cast, the show sees all of the characters have to work together in order to try to get back to reality.


Although at first site, Heroes may look like a show that is quite different to Lost, it does have some striking similarities that you begin to notice as you scratch beneath the surface. It has a large ensemble cast of characters who are brought together through chance, and they all seem to have complex backstories. Although the show sees the central characters develop superpowers, there’s plenty in this for those who like the mystery and suspense of Lost.

The Leftovers

The show is about a group of people who are left behind after a Rapture-like event. They have to deal with the aftermath of what happened and try to figure out why they were chosen to be left behind. The show is full of mystery and suspense, and you never know what’s going to happen next. Does this sound familiar?

The 100

This show follows the story of a group of young delinquents who are sent down to earth from a space Ark after a nuclear apocalypse. When they arrive, they realise that the planet is still inhabited by descendant survivors of the event, and they soon find themselves battling to survive in very hostile conditions, try to deal with the suspicious survivors and attempt to establish communication with the ark in space.


Now, this is a show that feels a lot like Lost from the very beginning. A group of people are involved in a plane incident of heavy turbulence. Much like the later stages of Lost, we spend time with the survivors long after the event, but the twist here is that the survivors have been missing for five years when they land, although to them they think they’re just landing from the same flight. As the story goes on, they begin to learn more about the mystery of what happened in the supernatural event.

The X-Files

There are very few shows that have had the level of impact in the television world that The X-Files has had. It was a true phenomenon in the 1990s and took us on one of the great journey’s of mystery and intrigue following the search for the truth that is out there with Mulder & Scully. Although this isn’t exactly the same as Lost, and is a much more varied set of stories about alien life on earth, if you enjoy the sensibilities of Lost, you’ll definitely enjoy exploring this excellent show.

Stranger Things

One of the most popular science fiction shows of the modern age, Stranger Things has been a huge hit for Netflix. It tells the story of a group of teenagers in Hawkins, Indiana who find themselves embroiled in an ongoing battle with mysterious supernatural forces in the Upside Down, a parallel dimension where horror lurks in every corner. Scarier and darker than Lost, it certainly a show that will light up the lives of all mystery fans who will have have a lot of fun on the journey.


Just like Lost, this show also has a complex plot with multiple characters and storylines. It’s set in a small town where strange things start happening. The characters are all connected in some way and they have to figure out what’s going on. There are plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing. It’s one of the most popular foreign language shows on Netflix and has won armies of fans across the world.