The Gilded Age review – is HBO’s period drama the new Downton Abbey?

Rating: 4 out of 5.

When Downton Abbey arrived on our screens in 2010, it made a huge impact on the television market – firstly in the UK and latterly across the whole world. It was a big deal, and ITV’s show went on to not only be a mammoth hit globally, but it almost single handedly helped reinvigorate the period drama market, making the genre super cool again and spawning a whole host of shows in a similar style.

Julian Fellowes, the creator of Downton Abbey, began talking about this project many years ago, and finally, it has arrived. The Gilded Age is with us, and as you’ll find when you watch the review below… it will be sure to please fans of both Downton Abbey, and those that have never seen the show.

What is The Gilded Age about?

The programme is set before Downton Abbey in the 1880s in New York and isn’t a prequel, but in a sense it has a feel of a spiritual prequel because fans of Downton will definitely recognise much of the trademark dramatic style that Julian Fellowes brings in his television writing.

This is a slick and beautifully crafted show (as you might expect from HBO who rarely take a wrong step in their pursuit of television excellence) and has a good pace to it, plenty of scandal above stairs and below stairs – and as you will have come to expect if you’ve ever seen Downton… some great cliffhangers along the way!

How can I watch The Gilded Age in the UK and the US?

You can watch the review of the show above, and you can watch all episodes of The Gilded Age on Sky, Sky Box Sets and NOW in the UK and on HBO and HBO Max if you live in the United States.

So what are you waiting for period drama fans?

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