Did the Doctor Who story star Tom Baker or Colin Baker? Quiz

OK, Whovians, it’s time for our latest adventures in time, space and quizzing. Let’s jump into the mesmerising realm of time and space, where reality is but a mere perspective, and the limits of possibility stretch as far as one can imagine. Welcome to the captivating universe of “Doctor Who”! And what can make it better than a good old fashioned quiz to get you thinking ahead of the return of David Tennant to the TARDIS and the first episodes of Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson.

Stepping out from the enigmatic blue police box, known as the TARDIS, we meet an eccentric yet lovable character known as the Doctor. Across the show’s illustrious history, various actors have bestowed their unique essence onto this character, creating a multifaceted protagonist beloved by generations. Two such actors are Tom Baker and Colin Baker who may share the same name, but were very different characters in the show.

Both actors, left their own unique mark on the Whoniverse, but their versions of the Doctor were as different as chalk and cheese. With Tom Baker’s bohemian Fourth Doctor and Colin Baker’s volatile Sixth Doctor, each brought a distinctive flavour to the series.

However, there is one thing that we want to know… do you know which episodes were Tom and which episodes were Colin? Why should all the quizzes be about New Who – isn’t it time the Classic Doctor Who stories had their moment in the sun?

How well do you remember their adventures? Can you tell a “Genesis of the Daleks” from a “Trial of a Time Lord”? Let’s put your Whovian knowledge to the test in this latest Screen OD fiendish science fiction quizzes…

Did the Doctor Who story star Tom Baker or Colin Baker?


Here are 20 story names from Doctor Who – but did they star Tom Baker or Colin Baker? Bonus points for the year and the series…

  1. “The Ark in Space”
  2. “The Two Doctors”
  3. “City of Death”
  4. “The Deadly Assassin”
  5. “The Twin Dilemma”
  6. “Vengeance on Varos”
  7. “The Brain of Morbius”
  8. “Terror of the Vervoids”
  9. “Logopolis”
  10. “Timelash”
  11. “Robot”
  12. “The Mark of the Rani”
  13. “The Seeds of Doom”
  14. “The Face of Evil”
  15. “Mindwarp”
  16. “Attack of the Cybermen”
  17. “The Ribos Operation”
  18. “The Horror of Fang Rock”
  19. “Revelation of the Daleks”
  20. “The Stones of Blood”


  1. “The Ark in Space” – Tom Baker (Season 12, 1975)
  2. “The Two Doctors” – Colin Baker (Season 22, 1985)
  3. “City of Death” – Tom Baker (Season 17, 1979)
  4. “The Deadly Assassin” – Tom Baker (Season 14, 1976)
  5. “The Twin Dilemma” – Colin Baker (Season 21, 1984)
  6. “Vengeance on Varos” – Colin Baker (Season 22, 1985)
  7. “The Brain of Morbius” – Tom Baker (Season 13, 1976)
  8. “Terror of the Vervoids” – Colin Baker (Season 23, 1986)
  9. “Logopolis” – Tom Baker (Season 18, 1981)
  10. “Timelash” – Colin Baker (Season 22, 1985)
  11. “Robot” – Tom Baker (Season 12, 1974-75)
  12. “The Mark of the Rani” – Colin Baker (Season 22, 1985)
  13. “The Seeds of Doom” – Tom Baker (Season 13, 1976)
  14. “The Face of Evil” – Tom Baker (Season 14, 1977)
  15. “Mindwarp” – Colin Baker (Season 23, 1986)
  16. “Attack of the Cybermen” – Colin Baker (Season 22, 1985)
  17. “The Ribos Operation” – Tom Baker (Season 16, 1978)
  18. “The Horror of Fang Rock” – Tom Baker (Season 15, 1977)
  19. “Revelation of the Daleks” – Colin Baker (Season 22, 1985)
  20. “The Stones of Blood” – Tom Baker (Season 16, 1978)

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