David Tennant stars in first trailer for ITVX’s Litvinenko

David Tennant’s next TV role will be hitting our screens courtesy of ITV’s brand new streaming service ITVX from Thursday 15th December in the UK, and after sharing the first image of the show last week, the commercial broadcaster has now released a trailer for the highly-anticipated show starring the Doctor Who lead.

Litvinenko is a four-part drama based on the true story of the police investigation into the death by poisoning of former Russian spy, Alexander Litvinenko.

The official synopsis for the show reads: “In November 2006, Litvinenko, a former KGB officer, lies dying in a London hospital – poisoned by a mysterious radioactive substance. As police are summoned to take his statement, Litvinenko points his finger directly at the Russian President, Vladimir Putin. Litvinenko’s death a few days later sparks an investigation into a chemical attack on the streets of London and a ten-year investigation between Britain and Russia to find justice for his murder.”

Tennant stars in the show as Alexander Litvinenko in what promises to be another powerful performance from the actor who will be reprising his role as the Doctor in the BBC’s flagship science fiction show Doctor Who in 2023 for the 60th-anniversary specials, as well as appearing opposite Michael Sheen in Staged season 3 later this week, and starring opposite Sheen again in a second season of Good Omens on Prime video in 2023.

The chilling trailer for Litvinenko shows the title character reporting his poising to the Metropolitan Police and the investigation into who was behind it beginning. We also see Margarita Levieva in the trailer, who plays Marina Litvinenko as well as Mark Bonnar who plays DS Clive Timmons and Neill Maskell who plays Brent Hyatt.

The official synopsis for episode one gives us a taste of what to expect when the series begins: “Detective Inspector Brent Hyatt and Detective Sergeant Jim Dawson, are summoned to University College Hospital in London to interview a man named Alexander Litvinenko, a former Russian spy who claims to have been poisoned. Litvinenko’s wife, Marina, tells the detectives that the doctors are sceptical of his story, though the Russian’s deteriorating physical condition is clear for everyone to see. Over three agonising days, Hyatt and Dawson interview the dying Litvinenko, who provides a meticulous account of who he believes to have killed him, and also the man responsible for ordering his murder, none other than Vladimir Putin.”

Litvinenko is one of several high-profile dramas launching on ITVX in December and into the New Year including family drama Riches starring Deborah Ayorinde and Hugh Quarshie on 22nd December alongside landmark natural history documentary A Year on Planet Earth, presented by Stephen Fry.

Four-part thriller Without Sin starring Vicky McClure and game show Loaded in Paradise will launch on 28th December.

Nolly, Russell T Davies’ upcoming drama on Crossroads’ Noele Gordon, will launch in early 2023. 

The trailer for Litvinenko can be viewed below:

Litvinenko launches on Thursday December 15th on ITVX