Ncuti Gatwa reveals the Doctor Who villain he wants to face in season 14

Ncuti Gatwa may still be more than a year or so away from becoming the full-time pilot of the TARDIS, but you get the feeling we’re going to be seeing a lot from him and hearing a lot from the Sex Education star who will play the Fifteenth Doctor in the next twelve months as the excitement and anticipation builds for season 14 of Doctor Who.

We know where he would like to land his TARDIS, but which villains would Ncuti Gatwa like his Doctor to take on in the first full season he has in the show, which will follow three 60th anniversary specials due to air on the BBC in November 2023?

Well, in a video released by the BBC to celebrate the landmark deal they have done to distribute the show across the globe with Disney+, Gatwa reveals a couple of foes he is itching to take on.

The first is probably quite inevitably, The Weeping Angels, the monster created by Steven Moffat and first featured in the episode Blink opposite Carey Mulligan. The Angels have often voted the scariest monster of all time by Whovians, and so it’s no surprise that Gatwa would relish the chance to take them on.

“They are just genuinely terrifying” said Gatwa of the monsters that have done battle with David Tennant’s Tenth, Matt Smith’s Eleventh, Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth and Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth. In modern Who terms, it feels like a right of passage to take them on at some point in your tenure in the TARDIS.

But the second choice of Gatwa’s is perhaps a little more of a curve ball.

“I would love to battle the Beast” said Gatwa in the video, referring to the monster that David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor took on in two 2006 episodes during his tenure, The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit.

Gatwa said he would love to take the monster on because it is “the ultimate villain that is the devil” and “you don’t get much more evil than that.”

Despite some debate as to whether the Beast is actually the devil, many fans would like to see the Doctor take on some older monsters, so this could potentially be a welcome return to the show more than 15 years after its first appearance.

Before season 14 airs, there is the small matter of three 60th-anniversary Doctor Who specials to play out in November 2016 under the watchful eye of showrunner Russell T Davies. The episodes will see the return of David Tennant as the Fourteenth Doctor, Catherine Tate as Donna Noble, and many more surprises.