Waterloo Road to return in January on BBC One

BBC school-set show Waterloo Road is to return to our screens in January, the BBC has announced.

The show will see the return of Kim Campbell as headteacher, played by Angela Griffin as well as Adam Thomas and Katie Griffiths, who play Donte Charles and and Chlo Charles, now with a child, Izzy.

A statement from the BBC about the return of the show reads: “Across the term, Waterloo Road’s teachers and parents are going to have to learn on their feet as they try to navigate the ever-changing social landscape – from teen homelessness to the cost of living, being LGBTQ+, racism, sexism, mental health and everything else facing young teens today.

Dean Weaver (FRANCESCO PIACENTINI-SMITH) & Noel McManus (LIAM SCHOLES) – Wall To Wall/Rope Ladder Fiction/ David Gennard

“Amongst the chaos, the students, faculty and parents still make time for friendships, fun, and a few romances. The pupils have a lot to contend with this term, but they will learn to lean on one another to survive the year and try to stay out of detention as much as possible.

“Riots, scandals, fractured families and challenging kids – for Headteacher Kim Campbell and her team, fire-fighting is a way of life. Who said education was easy?”

The show began on BBC One in 2006 and was initially set and filmed in Rochdale in the north of England. However, in 2011, the show moved location from England to Greenock in Scotland where series eight and series nine of the programme were filmed and set. In 2014, it was announced that the tenth series of Waterloo Road would be the last and the show aired its final episode in March of 2015.

Last year the BBC revealed that the show would be returning and the show would be based once again in the Greater Manchester area of England. Filming began on the new series at the beginning of 2022 and fans will get their chance to watch the first new episode in eight year in January of 2023.