WeCrashed review – Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway shine in this story of a startup

Rating: 4 out of 5.

There are a lot of shows popping up on the TV right now that are “based on real events” and “inspired by a true story”, especially around startup companies (one of the best right now is the excellent The Dropout starring Amanda Seyfried), so it may be no surprise to find Apple TV+ are joining this party with a show about a company starting out.

Indeed, Apple TV+ have been making some of the most exciting content across the streaming services in recent months. Good examples of this include Ben Stiller’s Severance which is one of the best dystopian dramas you’ll see in a long time, The Last days of Ptolemy Grey starring Samuel L Jackson at the top of his game, the brilliant Korean epic Pachinko and British spy drama Slow Horses.

What is WeCrashed about?

And so as you might expect from this purple patch in content production from Apple, WeCrashed is far more than just another Social Network on the telly, this is a fascinating and excellently crafted piece of television that tells not only a story of business and big ideas, but a captivating love story.

As you will find in the review (below) Jared Leto brings an enormous energy to the role of Adam Neumann, the Israeli-born entrepreneur who along with his colleague Miguel founded an office-space company that would grow at an enormous rate and be valued at billions of dollars. Joined by Anne Hathaway as his partner and later wife, Rachel, this quickly becomes a brilliant story with the pace of a runaway train as the unconventional company grows.

Two Oscar winners seems almost greedy for a series, but that’s what you get with WeCrashed and you get what you pay for in this excellent series that has been crafted with thought and care at every stage.

How can I watch WeCrashed?

WeCrashed is an Apple Original and can be watched wherever you are on Apple TV+. With all the other great content on there right now, it’s definitely worth taking a trial and seeing what you think, even if you don’t want to commit long term to another streaming service (as we know there are a lot!)

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