New images of Ncuti Gatwa show star at “The Home of the Whoniverse”

Bad Wolf, the production company heading up the new era of Doctor Who alongside the BBC has released two new images of Ncuti Gatwa in their studios in Cardiff, South Wales.

The images, which were Tweeted by the company and show Gatwa- who is currently filming season 14 of Doctor Who where he will play the Fifteenth Doctor- are accompanied by a message that says: “When the Doctor appreciates your decor. Our work here is done.”

The images show the 30-year-old actor, in the studios in front of a sign that has an animated picture of himself on the wall.

What’s most exciting is that written on the wall under his image is a tagline that reads “The Home of the Whoniverse.”

On its own, its a lovely image of Ncuti Gatwa enjoying the mural that has been made in his honour, but beyond that the idea that Bad Wolf Studios may soon be home to more than just Doctor Who and indeed, could be home to a Whoniverse that expands beyond the current show will also have fans very excited.

Ever since the deal between the BBC and Disney was announced to make Disney+ the streaming home of Doctor Who outside of the UK, there has been intense speculation that the show may expand into spin-off shows in a similar fashion to the way Marvel and Star Wars have expanded their universes in recent years.

Although there has been no announcement about anything beyond the 60th anniversary shows in November starring David Tennant and season 14 with Ncuti Gatwa as Fifteen and Millie Gibson as Ruby Sunday, many believe its only a matter of time before a spin-off or series of spin-offs are announced.

Showrunner Russell T Davies, who was previously in charge of the show for the 2005 reboot, has launched spin-offs in the past including Torchwood which ran for four seasons and The Sarah Jane Adventures which starred the late Elisabeth Sladen.

With lots of exciting things to come in the 60th anniversary year for Doctor Who fans, it’s almost certain there are to be more surprises – but whether or not one of them might be a spin-off series or an expansion of the Whoniverse still remains very much to be seen.