Whoopi Goldberg: “If a random Doctor Who came along, I could do it!”

Whoopi Goldberg may be one of the best-known Hollywood stars in the world, but she’s also one of the most famous Doctor Who fans it seems – and once again she’s put herself forward for a role in the BBC science fiction series.

Goldberg, 67, famous for her starring roles in hugely successful films including The Colour Purple, Ghost and Sister Act, has several times in the past made her affection for Doctor Who known, and in a recent interview has now told Graham Norton that she may be busy, but she’d like to find time for the science fiction series if it came along.

“I am busy, but you know, if a random Doctor Who came along, I could do it!” Goldberg told Graham Norton’s Virgin Radio show.

She added: “I understand I’m not going to be the new black Doctor Who… I think I could be Who’s cousin!… Woo Hoo!”

In 2021, Goldberg also spoke about Doctor Who at the Edinburgh TV Festival. On that occasion she was gunning for the top job, it seems!

“I wanted to be Doctor Who and I still do,” reported Deadline from the event.

“I think it would mean an evolution into being American and I don’t know that that’s correct for Doctor Who. I don’t know I can usurp that. As much as I love it, I love watching it still in all the iterations.

“There are certain things that are blatantly all English. Doctor Who is like that to me. It’s like Marmite. It’s very English and needs to stay that way.”

And although it seems like Whoopi won’t be vying for the main role with Ncuti Gatwa anytime soon, it sounds like she’s still keen to make an appearance on the show at some time in the future.

With the 60th-anniversary specials coming in November 2023 and a further special episode for the festive season starring the new Fifteenth Doctor Ncuti Gatwa and his companion Ruby Sunday, played by ex-Corrie star Millie Gibson, perhaps Russell T Davies could find a way to get Whoopi Goldberg in the show?

There are lots more Doctor Who to come with season 14 of the show beginning in 2024 and lots of rumours of spin-offs, so if there was ever a chance for Whoopi Goldberg to get an appearance in the science fiction show, it feels like it’s now.